Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine Is Not for the Indecisive

It’s been near 100 degree temperatures during this Labor Day weekend and what better way to escape the heat in Los Angeles than to head to the beach. Many Los Angelenos cruise up PCH about 5 miles north of Pepperdine University and arrive at the only private beach in the county.

At Paradise Cove they are famous for their unfamiliar beverages to beach goers, alcohol! Yes, it is true that you can casually sip brews and vino on the sand but perhaps this is not the most unique beverage option that they offer. Walk up to their beach front cafe and you will see tucked inside the beach side gift shop the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine. Say good bye to the days of soda machines having up to 6 soda options. In an era of smartphones, tablets and wi-fi we live in a world of wanting what we want, when we want it and nothing short of that will suffice.

Coca_Cola_Freestyle_Dispenser20111012-FreestyleMachine-Maindownload (1)

Starting to gain some serious attention in the mega world of soft drinks, the Freestyle is showing up in more and more locations around America. With well over 100 drink options out of one machine you would think that this is a no brainer to replace every standard drink machine that we are all accustomed to seeing in every fast food joint, 7 Eleven and car wash. But just like all other modern day technologies there is a major down side, software freezes. The Freestyle runs on custom software and just like any other computer can suffer from bugs and viruses. 

Is this a huge improvement for the beverage industry, we say yes! With time Coca-Cola will figure out the bug fixes and we’re sure other giants like Pepsi Co. will roll out their version which will drive improvements. And what is next, Budweiser having a keg version for alcohol friendly locations such as Paradise Cove? For now we can dream.


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