Pizza the way Grandpa used to make it at Casa Bianca Pizza Pie – Eagle Rock

Casa Bianca grandpa tossing pizza dough1

His presence is clear from the moment you walk through the door. Salvatorre Martorana, Sam to the regulars, came to this country armed with his secret family recipes for all the Italian classics that he grew up eating in Italy. When his American dream was realized in 1955 when Casa Bianca Pizza Pie opened its doors. Along with his wife, Jennie and brother, Joe Casa Bianca was a local, neighborhood hit from day one.

You ask, what separates this Italian cucina from the rest of the choices in LA. It’s that old world Italian, family designed and still operated aura that seems to still radiate from the walls. You can still see Sam’s original vision from 1955 in all facets of the restaurant.

Casa Bianca sausage prep4 

It all starts with the freshly made from scratch menu items. A specialty of the house is the pork sausage that is ground and tubed on a daily basis. Using the secret spice blend from Italy, the juicy sausage they are serving nightly is like a trip to Florence.

The amount of prep work that goes into each and every dinner service is both overwhelming and inspirational. To this kind of dedication to serving a quality product every time makes the dining experience all that much more delicious. Pizza dough rests in one corner of the kitchen while freshly sliced eggplant gets the initial breading process started.Casa Bianca pizza dough1                                     Casa Bianca eggplant parmigiana prep3

It’s really no wonder why Casa Bianca has such a loyal customer base and has been on the cover of LA Magazine for their annual Best of LA edition. And you better believe their pizza is well deserving! DSC_0038         Casa Bianca LA Magazine7